Roofing Cost Calculator

Our roofing cost calculator can help you get a general idea of roof replacement cost. To use our roofing cost calculator, simply enter in your specific project needs to the right —–> and click go. You will find a cost quote on the following page!

“There are big cost differences for roofing projects. Two huge factors affecting price are roofing material and size of roof. Asphalt and composition shingles are at the low end of the cost range, while metals like copper and slate are at the high end.

Roofing Cost Calculator Factors

Enter Your Roofing Material
Users can select from a variety of roofing materials, including asphalt or compoiste shingles, cedar shake, metal, natural slate, tar torch down or tile roofs. Each of these roof materials has a price range associated with it.

Enter Your Roof Area Square Footage
Users can select from a huge range of square footage for their roofing projects, from 1000 sq. ft. to 8000 sq. ft. Unfortunately, our calculator does not reduce the per square foot down as the project increase, which is typically the way roofing contractors price out projects (although certainly not always the case).

Enter Your Budget Preference
Users can select from three options, including Economy, Mid Range and High End. Depending on your selection, the per square foot price will increase to take into account for different levels of materials and labor costs.

Enter Your Zip Code
Users can enter their 5 digit zip code and then hit “Go.” Your cost quote will appear on the next screen. If you use our roof cost calculator and don’t find the price you are looking for, try try again. Play around with the budget levels to see how levels/grades of materials and contractor price affect the bottom line.