Energy Efficient Roofs

Energy efficient roofing can add to the overall efficiency and energy savings of your home – good for your bank account and the environment. When it comes to energy efficienct roofing, how do you know what is more or less efficient, or how to make your existing roof more efficient?

“Increasing your energy efficienct roofing can lead to reduced energy bills, more comfortable living conditions and is a generally “greener” alternative to an outdated or “wasteful” roof.”

Basics Of Energy Efficient Roofing

The key to energy efficient roofing is to keep unwanted air from escaping or penetrating through holes and cracks, while also ensuring that there is enough availability for hot air to escape, rather than being trapped in an attic. Depending on the climate in which you live, you should also consider other factors, such as material composition and color, for reflecting heat away from a home, rather than absorbing the heat and increasing the temperature in your home.