Finding Roof Leaks

Finding roof leaks is one of those situations that is frought with anxiety, but early detection can save you lots of headaches down the road. In the end, it can save you a ton on roof replacement cost.

“There are three basic steps you need to take when finding roof leaks in your home. First, you need to catch any water leaking through your roof while you identify and until you fix the problem. Then once the rain has stopped, you need to determine where the roof is actually leaking, and finally you need to repair any problems with the roof so you don’t continue to have water leaking into your home.”

Finding Roof Leaks: Locate The Leak

It’s a rainy day in your warm, cozy home when all of a sudden you see water dripping from your ceiling. Seeing the water dripping makes the process of finding roof leaks a lot easier, so take some solace in that fact. Grab a bucket, pail, or bowl, and a large towel or two and make sure you can catch or soak up the dripping water until the rain stops. It’s best to put the towel under whatever you have to catch the water, in case any water splashes out. And just make sure that the vessel is large enough to catch the amount of dripping water – or periodically empty it so it doesn’t overflow. You’ll have to wait until the rain is over to go check out what’s going on with your roof.

Finding Roof Leaks If You Don’t See Dripping Water

Sometimes you won’t actually see water dripping into your home during the rain, but you notice that things are damp or there is a musty smell so you know water is coming in from somewhere. When this occurs, the process of finding roof leaks is a bit more difficult because you can’t easily see the source of the water, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore what you suspect is a potential leak. If you notice dampness or a musty odor, it is best to inspect your roof – either yourself or by hiring a professional – in the area of the suspected problem, because finding roof leaks before the water is actually flowing through can save you lots of headaches down the road.