Wood Shake Roof Maintenance

Wood Shake Roof Maintenance

Wood shake roofs do not have the longest lifespan, but you can maximize it with regular maintenance. If you take care of the roof it will last a good 20-30 years, which is a lot for a roof that is made of wood. Given high cost of the wood shake roofs and their relatively short lifespan, these roofs tend to have high lifecycle costs.

Regular maintenance of a shake roof requires coating the roof with chemicals to give the easily damaged wood protection from the elements. Chemicals do everything from adding fire protection, to preventing rot and water damage. You also have to regularly clean the shakes. You can use a mixture of powdered oxygen bleach and water to clean off the shakes.

Wood shake roofs are a way to give your home a natural feel, compared to the cold alternatives of asphalt or metal roofing. Wood is a renewable organic resource that can give your home a warm and traditional look.

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