Solar Roof Costs & Prices

Solar roof costs range in price from $650 to $1,125 per panel fully installed and once the tax rebate has kicked in. It is worth noting up front that the federal government offers a 1/3 tax credit for any solar project completed by the end of 2015 so any roofing project that also involves solar receives the rebate – talk about a reason to reroof and do solar in one fell swoop. Solar panel costs and pricing can be confusing and this is one reason we recommend getting at least 3 bids so you can sit down and compare the panels, converts and prices next to one another.

— Price Range: $650 to $1,125 Per Panel Fully Installed–

System Converter

There are two types of converters that convert DC power into AC power; microconverts and central converters. From a cost perspective, there is very little difference between these two systems. The central converter (only 1 is needed for an entire roof) has been around longer and offers a very stable conversion system with one caviat – you will lose system conversion with too much shading (often not a problem, but something to consider). The microconverter (each solar panel requires a microconverter) system is newer and if there is a problem with one of the panels, the system only loses the power from that panel – not the whole system. Any bid you get from a solar and/or roofing company will use one of these converter options.

Solar Panels

Today, there are a huge number of solar panel manufacturers that use different technologies that help turn sunlight into power. The budget options may be a polycrystalline or monocrystalline. The mono option is cheaper, but the panels are not as durable and offer less power as the panel ages. The poly option has a higher upfront cost, but offers a more durable panel that loses less production as it ages. The really high end poly panels are very efficient and produce a bigger system with fewer panels (at a higher per panel price).

Budget To Mid Range System Cost

— Price Range: $950 to $1,250 Per Panel —

— After Rebate: $650 to $875 Per Panel —

Mid Range To High End System Cost

— Price Range: $1,250 to $1,600 Per Panel —

— After Rebate: $875 to $1,125 Per Panel

Estimating Your Usage

Most energy companies now have websites that you can log into and will give you a complete breakdown of your monthly kWh usage per month. Most households have a higher energy usage during the summer and winter months and less energy in fall and spring, for obvious questions and walk you through the process.

How Many Panels

Each solar panel produces a certain amount of watts that is listed in the panel name – for instance the LG 300W panel. If you have 25 panels, then this system will produce 7.5 kW per year (300 x 25). You doesn’t necessarily have to account for 100% of your system power. Typically energy companies offer tiered pricing, meaning the first say 90 kWh per month are priced at a low rate, the next 90 kWh are priced at a slightly higher rate and so forth. If you want to keep the initial costs down, tell each company that comes out to give you an estimate that you want a system that will keep you at or just below the tier 2 pricing. Be aware that most panels will lose productivity over their warrantied 25 years, although they should not go below 80% of their initial productivity.