Copper Roofs

For hundreds of years, copper roofs have been used for many types of buildings. Because copper is so easy to shape and provide a custom fit for any structure, it has long been one of the most popular materials for metal roofing. It’s primary weakness is the careful treatment that is required to maintain the beautiful natural color to prevent fading and corrosion. The other significant downside is prices that fluctuate constantly and can range from quite affordable to very expensive with little warning.

copper roofs

Basics Of Copper Roofs

Copper roof shingles are similar to other types of roofing materials. They are installed in the same manner as any shingle type, but will be heavier and have sharper edges. Copper roofs that are made of sheet metal are installed differently and need an experienced metal roofer to install. The weight of the copper sheeting can make it a difficult process for those inexperienced with metal roofing.

Copper Roof Costs

Total Cost: $16.00 to $24.00 Per Square Foot

Expect to pay $1600 – $2400 for a square of roofing.

Benefits Of Copper Roofs

Serious Longevity
There are some significant benefits to copper roofs. While a typical fiberglass roof is less expensive than copper, copper roofs generally last for fifty years or more. The higher initial cost of copper roofs can be more than offset by the fact that it can be expected to last twice as long. As copper ages more gracefully than most materials, the long life of copper roofs is an aesthetic benefit as well as a practical one.

Old World Charm
Copper roofs can bring some old-world charm to a renovated or newly constructed home. The distinctive appearance creates a unique look and feel to any structure. Copper roofs can look great on any home, and are a durable and versatile choice for roofing material. They can work well in any environment and on any structure, making them a great option for any property owner who is considering a new or replacement roof.

Choice Of Color Over Time
As your copper roof ages, you have a choice. Copper can be regularly treated to ensure that it keeps the bright, golden original color. More commonly, aged copper develops an easily recognizable distinctive green patina. Well-aged copper roofs can turn nondescript structures into classic architecture with a memorable appearance.

Green Alternative
For green consumers, copper roofs have a hidden benefit that may not be so apparent at first glance. While asphalt shingles can be recycled, there is very little environmental or economical advantage to doing so. Copper roofs, however, can be melted down to make new roofing and many other products. The value of the metal makes it very cost-effective to recycle copper roofs.


The largest downside of copper roofs is the cost of materials. Like other metals, the price can fluctuate rapidly and without warning, making it difficult at times to plan for roof replacement. If the project isn’t urgent, however, the constant price changes can become an advantage for the careful consumer. While the cost is still generally higher than materials such as asphalt shingles, the durability and strength can make it less expensive over time. With reduced maintenance and a longer life the long-term costs can be quite low.

Distinctive Sound
One factor that can be either a positive of negative is the sound of copper roofs. Like all metal roofs, rain and hail, as well as other conditions, can be noisy. Those who are accustomed to metal roofing are used to the sound, and may even be fond of it. Residents who are new to metal roofing may find it unpleasant, but usually become inured to the sounds quickly.