Fiberglass Roofs

Fiberglass roofs are one option that homeowners and commercial property owners alike have when it comes to selecting a roof. There are many uses for fiberglass roofs due to the versatility that fiberglass roofing materials offer. There are also a number of benefits to using this type of roofing as well. By understanding some of the key points to consider about fiberglass roofs, you can decide if the next roof that graces your home or business will be made from fiberglass roofing material.

“Fiberglass roofing is available in a number of different styles, to suit different types of roof applications. This is possible due to the flexibility and versatility that fiberglass roofing material offers.”

The Basics OF Fiberglass Roofs

Fiberglass roofing is a synthetic roofing material that is produced from combining fine glass fibers along with a number of other ingredients. Due to the structure of the material used in manufacturing, the roofing material is very versatile, allowing for a wide selection of color options and a very malleable material. This means that fiberglass roofing materials can be turned into shingles, panels or sheets. The roofing can be virtually clear or colored, and it can be made to resemble other roofing materials, like slate or wood. The fiberglass material is also glazed, making it waterproof and providing a durable weather resistant roofing surface.

Cost Of Fiberglass Roofs

Entry To Mid Range: $3.00 to $4.00 psf
Homeowners can expect to spend $300 to $400 per square installed.

Mid To High End: $4.00 to $5.00 psf
Homeowners can expect to spend $400 to $500 per square installed. Learn more on fiberglass roofing prices.

Benefits of Fiberglass Roofs

Probably the most significant benefit is the cost. Fiberglass roofs can be as much as 60 – 70% cheaper than other roofing types, while still being durable and long lasting. This one factor alone has made fiberglass roofs a popular choice for many years because it is one of the least expensive ways to cover a roof.

You can expect fiberglass roofs to last for about 30 years or more. Some companies will even offer warranties that are longer than that.

Ease of Installation
This type of roofing material is lightweight and easy to install, resulting in low installation costs or an easy project for a do-it-yourselfer (as long as you don’t mind going up on the roof!).

Design Options
Fiberglass roofing comes in a wide selection of colors and styles and the color penetrates throughout the roofing material so it lasts. It can be made to look like other, more expensive roofing materials. You can even select a clear fiberglass roofing material, which provides its own unique look. Clear fiberglass roofs allow you to see right through to the sky, making them ideal for greenhouses or covered patios.

Corrosion resistant
Fiberglass roofs are resistant to mold, mildew, rust, corrosion and rotting. They are also shatter resistant.

Fire resistant
Fiberglass roofing is resistant to fires and holds up well under other extreme heat conditions.

Low maintenance
This type of roofing requires virtually no maintenance. All that is needed is an occasional spray of a hose or powerwasher to remove stuck-on dirt and debris.

Material Options

Most fiberglass roofing material comes in panels that are easily installed on the roof in sections. One popular form for this roofing material is corrugated fiberglass roof panels. These are heavy duty roofing panels made from fiberglass materials that are corrugated for added strength and stability. The panels interlock and offer superior resistance to extreme weather conditions, including fluctuating temperatures, high winds and heavy snow and precipitation. The grooves within the corrugated panels allow for effective run off of water so they are a good option in areas that receive a great deal of rain or snow.

The roofing material is also available in sheeting. This works well if you want to cover a roof in one complete piece so there are no seams, such as on a flat roof.

You can also get roofing shingles that are made from fiberglass material. These are the most popular type of fiberglass roofs for residential use. They are like asphalt shingles and are installed the same way. Fiberglass roof shingles are available in a wide selection of colors and styles. They offer all of the benefits of other fiberglass roofing options while looking like other traditional-style roofing shingles.