Metal Tile Roofing

Metal tile roofing offers many of the advantages of metal, with the attractive appearance of tile roofs. This fusion of technology has been picking up steam over the last 5 years as homeowners feel that they are getting the best of both worlds. While metal tile roofing is certainly not the cheapest roof options, it definitely appeals to many consumers.

“Metal tile roofing not only has tons of benefits such as long lifespan and durability – they can match the look of many homes, from rural and traditional to modern and sleep.”

metal roofing

Basics Of Metal Tile Roofing

Metal tile roofing is becoming very popular for the many benefits the materials offer and the long life span of the various products. Steel and aluminum roofing are the two most popular metals, while copper, tin and zinc amalgams are also available but less commonly used. The process is relatively simple; manufacturers create tiles that look similar, if not exactly like traditional clay or concete tile roof. A protective and durable coating is then applied to the metal tiles to protect them from decay and damage from the environment.
Many companies produce tiles using recycled material and sell them in a available in a variety of colors. Best of all, many metal roof tiles use reflective materials and colors that make them “cool roofs,” which reflect UV rays and help lower heating and cooling costs.

Metal Tile Roofing Cost

Steel: $10 – $12 psf installed
Aluminum: $10 – $15 psf installed
Tin: $12 to $20 psf installed
Copper: $16 to $24 psf installed

Many metal tile roofing can be placed over asphalt shingles (two layers is the miximum), which can eliminate tear off roof replacement cost, which are often priced out by roofing contractors at $2 per per square foot.

Advantages Of Metal Tile Roofing

Many Designs And Materials
The term metal tile roofing is a somewhat generic one, meaning that there are many materials such as a stainless steel roof to choose from. Each manufacturer will then produce their own designs and shapes, which can have unique looks and feels to them. Add a wide variety of colors and powder coatings and there are a ton of possibilities.

Long Lasting
Most roofs with these materials will come with a 50+ year warranty, meaning that with proper care the roofs can last 75 years and beyond. The interlocking panels help protect the roof from fierce winds and weather and these materials are highly fire resistant – all of which helps the roof to last for many years.

Cool Roof
The heat barrier finishes that many metal tile roofing uses are reflective in nature, bouncing powerful UV rays back into the environment and keeping the roof cool. The result is greater energy efficiency and lower energy bills.

Low In Weight
The tiles typically weigh less clay and certainly less than concrete, placing less of a burden on a home’s frame and adding longevity to the structure. Homeowners can also feel good that many manufacturers use recycled materials in the production process.