Roofing Felt

Roofing felt is also known as tar paper and is the material that lays between your wood sheathing and whatever material you have on the outside of your roof (shingles, metal etc,). Roofing felt is basically an additional layer of protection during the replacement process or in case the shingles are blown off in a storm for instance. Roofing felt prices are generally low. Roofing felt is typically purchase in large rolls (often 100 sq ft) and often 36″ wide. The felt is constructed from fiberglass or polyester fleece soaked in a waterproofing agent.

Roofing Felt Protects

From rain or snow while your roofing project is underway.

If roofing material breaks or is damaged during storms.

From wood resins that seep out and damage shingles.


Provides a cleaner, more smooth appearance by filling in uneven roof areas.

Adds an extra layer of protection against fire damage.

Helps insures that other roof components work properly and comply with building codes and/or best installation practices.

Relatively inexpensive protection layer which extends the life of the roof.