Types Of Roofs

Explore the many different types of roofs that we explore in this section. Discover the many roof types here.

Explore Different Types Of Roofs

Guide To Roofing Types – There are only three major types of roofing; gable, hipped, and flat. There are, however, limitless variations available. In our guide to roof types, we will examine the major types of roofs, some common custom variations, and how features interact.

Cross Gable Roof – This is an interesting and dramatic roofing option. They are more complicated than gable roofs and are typically more expensive as well. Learn the basics, prices, advantages and detractors of these types of roofs.

Cross Hipped Roof – When you need a little more flair than a regular hipped roof can provide, the cross hipped roof really stands out. Often seen on ranch and Italian style homes, they are great in many situations. They deliver a little extra shade for hot, sunny lots and stand up well in heavy winds and hurricane weather.

Gable Roofs – These are the most widely used roofing style on homes in America. This is due to a number of benefits that this roof type offers, along with minimal drawbacks. Discover this popular roofing style.

Hipped Roof – These are a versatile and popular type of roof. They create a solid but attractive profile when combined with a low and sprawling structure. A hip roof will have four sides and a fairly gentle slope.

Flat Roofs – There are many different types of roofing; pitched and flat roofs, as well as several other different varieties you can see in modern home construction. When considering which roof is right for your home you should never over look flat roofs.

Saltbox Roof – These can be made of metal sheets, clay shingles or flat asphalt shingles. Whether purchasing roofing for new construction or a replacement for an existing home, finding the right style, color, and material can be both frustrating but rewarding.

Valley Roofs – These result from two sloped panels of a roof that intersect at an angle which are prone to debris build up and subsequent leaks. Proper construction and maintenance can prevent leaks and thus the need for repairs.

Additional Roofing Materials

Green Roof – Unlike most products that are marketed as “green” or environmentally friendly products, green roofs are literally green. A green roof literally has green plants and other sustainable low impact materials planted on them.

Roof Skylights – These provide fantastic natural light and ventilation for a room, while providing an interesting design element for many types of roofs. While they can be expensive to custom install, many homeowners think the cost is more than worth it. There are several types of roof skylights and a whole host of cost options that we will explore.

Roofing Insulation – Each material has a different insulating value, so some choices are better for roofing insulation than others. It is no coincidence that the best insulating materials also happen to have the highest costs.

Solar Roofs – While they aren’t exactly a type of roofing, solar is a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Solar roofing is one way that people can begin reducing their environmental impact and and save money on energy costs.