Cross Gable Roofs

A cross gable roof is an interesting and dramatic roofing option. They are more complicated than gable roofs and are typically more expensive as well. Learn the basics, prices, advantages and detractors of these types of roofs.

Basics Of A Cross Gable Roof

A standard gable roof is made up of two equally pitched, sloped roof surfaces that meet at a single point along the top of the roof line, forming a triangle. A cross gabled roof has one or more additional sections or wings that run perpendicular to the main section – each wing forming its own triangle. Often times the cross gable will be positioned lower in height than the main gable. A cross gable roof allows for more complex shapes and designs. Some designers or roofing contractors, expose the trusses and beams to create a more rustic feel and give the illusion of more space and a higher ceiling.

Cross Gable Roof Prices

Cross gable roof prices will be based more on the materials, pitch of the roof, complexity of the project than the fact that it is a cross gable. Our site has compiles an extensive list of pages that roof replacement cost.

Roofing Cost Per Square Foot
Torch Down Roofing Cost

Advantages Of A Cross Gable Roof

Aesthetic Appeal
A cross gable roof can add aesthetic appeal to a home. It provides design and dimension that make a home unique and striking for visitors and homeowners.

Good For Run Off
Typically, these roofs have a lot of pitch or slope to them, which is good for water run off. Certainly this is also good for location prone to snow storm or where excessive debris can collect on the roof.

More Complex Layout
These roofs allow homeowners design and implement a more complicated layout or design. Cross gable roofs are confined to a rectangular design.


Expensive To Build
A cross gable roof is more complex, but also costs more to build. Most of the added expense will be in the labor cost of the project.

Prone To Wind Damage
This roofing is more prone to wind damge and is therefore not ideal for areas that experience hurricanes or severe wind conditions.