Green Roofs

Unlike most products that are marketed as “green” or environmentally friendly products, green roofs are literally green. A green roof literally has green plants planted on top of it. Green roofs are literally made of plants and other sustainable low impact materials, making them great for the environment and even better for your home. There are many benefits to installing green roofs on your home. But first you have to know what a green roof system is.

What Are Green Roofs?

Green roofs have two different categories, extensive and intensive. An intensive green roof is the quintessential garden roof, a space that is literally suited for building lush gardens that you can walk around on. These intensive garden roofs are built on a heavy duty support system that allows you to plant a variety of plants. You can even create an entire garden on your roof with these systems.

Extensive green roofs are the other type of green roofs, which have less of a support structure beneath them. These roofs support several types of plants, but they are not meant to be walked on any more than any normal home roof. The type of green roof you choose for your home will depend on how much weight your home can support.

Keep Your Home Comfortable With Green Roofs

Your green roof could help regulate the temperature of your home, so you don’t need to use as much energy in your heating and cooling costs. The plants on your green roof provide a large amount of natural insulation, to help reduce your heating and cooling costs. It doesn’t make a major difference, but every little bit of insulation helps. And you will definitely be able to notice the difference in your energy bills.

Green Roofs Make the Perfect Garden

Surprisingly, you can even use your green roof as a garden, because many types of plants are suitable for being planted on your rooftop. You can use your green roof to grow your own lettuce or vegetables, even herbs. If your property does not have much of a yard, green roofs can provide a much needed opportunity to make a garden. Just make sure you choose plants that work well with green roofs.

Green Roofs Provide Insulation From Sound As Well

Green roofs don’t just keep out the outside air. They can also block sound as well, which is great if you live in an environment that is very noisy. Green roofs are perfect for homes near highways, train tracks or other loud noises.

Clean Air

Plants help make the air around you more clean because they produce oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide. They can also help reduce air pollution as well. Green roofs are an environmentally friendly solution no matter what way you look at it.


What Types Of Plants Are Suitable For Green Roofs

There are a number of different plants that you can grow on your green roof, each with their own costs and benefits. Generally, you should choose plants that are easy to maintain, or that virtually take care of themselves. You should also choose plants that are suitable for your climate. Taking care of plants when they are on the ground is hard enough, but replacing or maintaining plants on your roof is even more difficult. You may have to hire a team of professionals to do the work for you, so you should minimize the maintenance costs of green roofs as much as possible. Here are some plants to consider.

Plant Mats

It is not uncommon for garden centers to carry mats of plants that are easy to install. The plant mats are typically made up of low maintenance low to the ground plants, such as different species of grasses. They can be installed right on your green roof, so you can instantly and effortlessly install your green roofs. You do have install the mats right away or else the plants will die. Garden centers that specialize in selling sod are the perfect place to look for mats of plants that you can use on your roof. They will have the freshest mats available, and be able to give good advice so you can get a grass mat that is very low maintenance.

Smaller Plants

Garden roofs are an excellent place for smaller plants, provided that you are willing to take the time to maintain them. You should install the plants when they are seedlings, and cover them will a mesh to protect them from the wind and rain. Keep in mind that the roof is a more harsh environment than plants on the ground. Choose the plants that will be able to last a long time without too much maintenance work.


The last option is to place a combination of stem and leaf clippings as well as seeds on your roof. Cover them with a mesh cover to prevent them from being blown away, and over time they will begin to grow. This is the cheapest way to get a green roof, but it will not happen overnight. It will take months if not a year for the plants on a green roof to reach maturity. You also won’t be able to control the color or the plant composition of the roof, because you cannot predict exactly what will grow on your green roofs.