Roof Skylights

Roof skylights provide fantastic natural light and ventilation for a room, while providing an interesting design element for many types of roofs. While they can be expensive to custom install, many homeowners think the cost is more than worth it. There are several types of roof skylights and a whole host of cost options that we will explore.

“Higher end projects can costs as much as $2500 and will involve custom sized skylights and installation that demands carpentry and framing skills from roofing contractors.”

Types Of Roof Skylights

Box Skylights
These are the most common and popular type of roof skylights and are also referred to as fixed. A box skylight sits flush with the roof and is not operable, meaning the window portion cannot be opened. To install a box skylight, the skylights must have direct access, meaning that the roof must be right above the room where you want the skylight.

Tube Skylights
The tube option is slightly elevated from the roof surface and are often curved and resemble a dome. These are great for homeowners who want extra sunlight for a room and can be either fixed or able to open.

Ventilating Skylights
These are a variation on the boxed skylights, with the only difference being that the window can open to allow for increased air flow as well as ventilation. Typically they are opened using a hand crank.

Cost Of Roof Skylights

Lower End Range: $800 to $1500

High End Range: $1500 to $3500

At the lower end are stock sized tube skylights that can be inserted into an existing opening. Higher end projects will often involve custom sized skylights and installation that demands carpentry and framing skills from roofing contractors. Find out more on roofing installation costs.

Benefits Of Roof Skylights

Provide Natural Lighting
Room with little or no exterior walls typically lack adeqaute natural light. Roof skylights are great for adding more natural light without installing replacement home windows. Or maybe you have a bathroom where you cannot add a window for privacy reasons. A skylights and roofing remodel can be the perfect way to bring in the sunlight that you were looking for.

Great Source Of Ventilation
Operable skylights that open outward can provide excellent natural ventilation options. Upper level rooms and attics are often hot and stuffy due to heat rising, which means a skylight can help cool the room down and circulate some air for more flow.

Wonderful Design Elements
While many consider a tube skylight less aesthetically pleasing, well constructed wood framed box skylights can add real visual appeal to a room. They are nice to look at and provide a view of the surrounding trees and sky.


Difficult to Control Amount Of Light
There may be times when you want to block out the light. Unlike windows, skylights do not normally have window treatments. However, there are many accessories for skylights and roofs that you can use as window treatments and as ways to block out unwanted light. Options include blinds, draped materials and tinting.

Not The Best Insulators
You should also consider the amount of insulation your skylight provides. Old or improperly installed units will make your home drafty or cold. Most professionally installed skylights are airtight and cause very minimal energy loss.